IT Solutions Services


  • Developing an IT infrastructure is an investment that every organization needs to take into consideration. The integration of in obits into our team brought a wealth of additional talent to Morris Technology Solutions.
  • We study each client across their entire organization and address their needs in a holistic way. We think comprehensively and believe that cross-functional engagement is what continues to provide the most value for our customers.
  • Taking time to understand your specific needs and challenges is the foundation to a successful engagement.


  • No business is exempt from a devastating disaster. Whether your data is threatened by human error, natural disaster or a cyberattack, you need to have a contingency plan to ensure that your business continues to operate. Our data recovery solution ensures that your critical data is securely backed up and that your applications and software are up and running again as soon as possible.
  • Our disaster recovery solution is available on-premise, in the cloud or as a service.
  • Data storage and protection solutions through our strong relationships with international technology partners. The benefits of our partner relationships filter through to our clients, ensuring that they get the full value of technical expertise and support.


  • Data centre environmental design.
  • Data centre re-locations.
  • Data centre installations.
  • Data centre environmental monitoring & control.
  • Server room cabinets.
  • Network cabling solutions.


  • Detect & Respond to Advanced Threats
  • Hunt for Advanced Threats
  • Orchestrate and Automate Response
  • Protect Your Endpoints
  • Protect Your Networks
  • Protect Your Clouds
  • Manage Increasing Risk
  • Meet Compliance Requirements
  • Cybersecurity Threats to the Financial Sector
  • Preventive Medicine for Cyber Attacks on Healthcare
  • Security Risks in a Retail Environment
  • Government and Education Cyber Vulnerabilities


  • At Morris Technology Solutions, we’re masters at strategizing, customizing and optimizing the cloud experience so that your organization can use it to its full potential. Together, we’ll build, modernize and migrate you to the cloud without you being locked in.
  • You’ll be able to unlock the value of your data in new ways, do more with it, and accelerate your journey to AI. Best of all, your businesses will operate more efficiently, securely and productively and become more agile, flexible and responsive–imperative for success in today’s rapidly changing business environment.

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Bryanston, 2021