About Us


The entity is a 51% Black woman-owned designated group supplier. A level 2 Contributor.

Who We Are

The agency consists of a group of young, passionate highly driven individuals who have been in the B-BBEE industry for a decade. Expertise within the team allows Cardinal Ratings to be involved in B-BBEE verifications across various B-BBEE charters and the review of highly complex B-BBEE Transactions.

Our Vision

To be the leading verification agency in South Africa and be a mouthpiece for transformation.


We seek to deliver B-BBEE verification that is transparent, fair, and efficient, allowing our clients to have a positive experience. True transformation is measured by the substance of all our clients’ B-BBEE initiatives beyond their form. We encourage our clients to be involved in the following :
– Ownership transactions that result in true empowerment for Black South Africans
– Contributions to Black-owned businesses that encourage their continued sustainability
– The conducting of meaningful training
– Socio-economic Development contributions which result in continued access to the economy for Black South Africans.

Our Values (Define How We Behave)

It is important for us to maintain our integrity both in fact and in appearance. Our service must be free from any undue pressure or influence. To truly be a power of transformation, it is important to maintain this value.

We desire that our clients see through our walls and understand our processes and how we arrive at any B-BBEE decision.

Every client is important to us. We prove this by the hard work that we put behind each service we provide to our clients. Big, medium and small, all deserve our highest level of commitment. Commitment is the input we give in order to achieve service excellence.


Block A, 1st Floor, Meadowbrook,
St Andrews Office Park,
Bryanston, 2021