The Verification Process

The Proceess

Step 1:

Engagement (2 working days)

Step 2:

Pre-site verification (3 working days)

Step 3:

Onsite Verification (1-2 working days)

Step 4:

Review of Reports (15 working days)

Step 5:

Review outcome Communication (2 working days)

Step 6:

Final Certificate (2 working days)

Engagement – This step covers the need to provide the client with comprehensive information on the verification process, the price and other related information so that the clients can make a well-informed decision regarding verification. Obtain application pack from Cardinal Ratings, complete and return it with proof of payment.

Preparation (Telephonic or onsite) – To ensure that you are properly prepared for the actual verification a preparatory session will be arranged to help you understand the scorecard and all the information requirements for the verification.  This can be done telephonic, onsite or via a video platform. At this step Cardinal Ratings’ assigned analyst will collate evidence documents.

Onsite Site Verification – Upon readiness of the client a site visit will be set up and the analyst sent the verification plan to do verification at the client’s premises. The plan will specify selected samples and duration of the verification on site.

Review of report – Within 15 working days after the site visit an analyst will submit the file for review to check, inter alia: if the Cardinal Ratings processes were followed in conducting the verification, correct application of the applicable scorecards/charter, if sufficient evidence was obtained and the accuracy of the calculations.

Communication of review outcome – Within reasonable time frame Cardinal Ratings will communicate the review outcome to the client. This will be in a form of a formal email or issuing of a preliminary report to allow the client’s acceptance or appeal on the final outcome.

Issuing of final report and certificate – If the client is happy with the above then the final report and certificate will be issued a soft copy will be emailed and the hardcopy couriered to the client premises.


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